5 Keys to Loving Your Life, Your Business, and Your Man More

If you don’t have the life, the business, or the relationship you desire, the truth is, you are likely standing in your own way. I realize that may seem harsh. But it is true. We are powerful creators, and we have the ABILITY to design our lives, our businesses, and our relationships. Now, inside relationship, … read more

2 Massive Ways the Traditional Model of Success Is Failing You

I’m a big fan of success. And I’m also a big fan of some things that the traditional model of success in America doesn’t do well most of the time. Like happiness an health, and time for family, fitness, or recreation. It’s almost as if success is a catch 22 – you have to give … read more

I Love My Life Poster

Hello Gorgeous! Today I was feeling creative and generous so I decided to create a gift to share with you. It is a printable poster (8 1/2 X 11) for you to post by your computer or bathroom mirror to remind you to feel good and do what it takes to live the life you … read more